Shaw Lens

shaw lens

What are Shaw Lens?

When your glasses make the images different sizes, your brain has to fight to focus on each word – and that’s made more difficult when the eye scans from the end of one sentence back to the start of the next. That’s why it is so important to have a lens that balances the images so they’re the same size. The patent-pending SHAW™ lens alleviates the effects of aniseikonia and provides a dramatic difference in the comfort of wear.

There are several behaviour indications that a patient’s glasses may be inducing aniseikonia. Here are some telltale signs.

Headaches and aniseikonia are the subjects of a research grant that we are developing at Shaw Lens Inc. because we believe this problem is prevalent among glasses wearers. Here’s a snippet of some real SHAW lens patients describing their experience.

  • Problems seeing 3D TV
  • Take glasses off when reading
  • Turning head instead of turning eyes
  • Patient takes of glasses frequently
  • Patient gets afternoon headaches
  • Patient complains of reduced depth perception
  • Patient tilts head when looking out of glasses

What makes Shaw lens unique?

SHAW lenses utilize a patent-pending method to accurately model eye rotation in order to predict distortions caused by eye glasses. They then use that information to design a lens that reduces or eliminates the distortion other lenses can cause. Using the SHAW lens design software, the clinician has direct control over management of both refractive and binocular components. The SHAW lens design software optimizes base curve using a complex process. The software provides the best combination of lateral control and vertical dynamic correction to reduce both dynamic and static aniseikonia.

Will I benefit from the Shaw Lens?

The SHAW lens is as good as or better than conventional lenses for every case. For some patients we make a significant improvement in wear ability. Some patients, however, are already wearing lenses that meet their needs, and they may not notice a difference with the SHAW lens.

The SHAW lens design software models the effect of our technology on each case, and the doctor and patient can see the predicted difference and make a judgement based on that.

How does the lens control dynamic aniseikonia?

Using ray tracing computer modeling simulation, base curvature and thickness are optimized for both central and eccentric viewing. Unlike paraxial approximations, this method embraces the non-linearity of the effect of base curve as well as vertex changes due to position of wear changes. Computer optimization permits an iterative solution that selects the optimum curvature, thickness and index for a given combination of refractive and motor fusion facility.

Why are the lenses occasionally a bit thicker?

The Shaw lens is designed to accommodate how both eyes work together, it is by nature an iseikonic lens, so one lens in a pair of glasses will likely be slightly thicker than the other. This can make a huge difference in the comfort of wear for many patients and can reduce or eliminate headaches. The SHAW lens design software lets the optometrist manage the edge thickness through frame choice and reduction of visual optimization.

Can consumers buy the Shaw lens online?

Unfourtunately, the lenses can only be sold through a registered and approved optometry office. Because the SHAW lens is computer designed, only practitioners with the right software can order it. The SHAW lens design software makes the necessary calculations to create a SHAW lens.

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