MiSight 1 Day Contact Lenses


The Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Program

What is MiSight?

  • MiSight 1 day is the first and only FDA-approved daily disposable soft contact lens to slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness) in children

  • Allows you to avoid the worry of losing or breaking glasses

  • Provides children with better quality of life, especially regarding athletics and appearance

  • Research studies show that children wearing MiSight 1 day progressed less than 1.00D average over a 6 year period

  • For more information visit www.coopervision.com

  • Click here to watch a video to learn more about what is myopia (nearsightedness) and how MiSight can help slow progression of your child’s prescription from increasing.

Nearsightedness, or ‘myopia’, typically starts in childhood and usually requires glasses or contact lenses to see clearly for activities like viewing a whiteboard at school. Nearsighted children may experience an increase in their nearsightedness as they grow, resulting in a greater reliance on glasses or contacts.

See through your child’s eyes by clicking here to see how vision without glasses or contact lenses changes with increasing levels of nearsightedness.

​​​​​​​MiSight® 1 day is an award-winning2,3,4 dual-focus soft contact lens that uses ActivControl™ Technology to slow the elongation of the eyeball1. The ActivControl™ Technology in MiSight® 1 day utilizes an optic zone concentric ring design with alternating vision correction and treatment zones. Two zones are vision correction zones with the label power of the contact lens, and the alternating two zones are treatment zones with 2 diopters of defocus to slow the progression of myopia. This design allows the child to see clearly while benefiting from the treatment effect. For more information on the technology behind how MiSight helps to slow down the progression of your nearsightedness click here.


Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, happens when your child’s distance vision begins to blur because their eyeball is becoming longer as they grow. For more information click here.

MiSight 2

Myopia (nearsightedness) can be caused by genetics and long hours on the computer, phone or electronic devices. With an increase in nearsightedness it may affect the health of your eyes. For more information click here.

To learn more about the Do’s and Dont’s of caring for your contact lenses click here.

If you are a first time contact lens wearer, here is a great video on how to insert and remove your contact lenses.

How to Insert Contact Lenses


How to Remove Contact Lenses


​​​​​​​Click here for our Vizen patients who are seeing clearer with MiSight
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