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Suffering from Watery Eyes? – We got you!

If you didn’t know, your 👀s secrete natural tears💧 that keep them from drying out. For some people with severe dry eyes, your eyes secrete these tears excessively, resulting in overly watery eyes! 😰

✨Here are some ways to prevent dry eyes from happening to you at the comfort of your own home! ✨

➡️Artificial tears (such as retaine, refresh, blink, etc)Great way to lubricate your eyes before it gets too dry causing more reflex tearing.

➡️Lid hygiene (such as Ocusoft lid wipes)Bacteria enjoy accumulating on your eyelids at night when you are sleeping. Cleanliness will help get rid of these bacteria from having a party on your eyes at night.

Schedule an appointment with our optometrist to see which treatment option is best for you!



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