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Trying to Drive with One Eye – Tuyen’s Story

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6 months ago, Tuyen went to an eye clinic and received some unfortunate news. The doctor said she had crossed eyes, and it wasn’t safe for her to drive a car. She frequently had to close one eye so she could see objects from a distance, and she had noticed that her vision wasn’t always there when she needed it on the road. Her doctor recommended she enroll in vision therapy, and introduced her to Dr. Judy.

As someone who speaks English as a second language, Tuyen was a little nervous about going to vision therapy. But Dr. Judy quickly put her at ease. Tuyen says, “She is so kind, friendly, and professional. The first appointment happened perfectly. She answered all my questions, from the processing, cost, and my concerns about my case... During my therapy time, she always listens to my issues and finds solutions quickly. ”

After just two sessions, Tuyen’s eyes totally improved. All of the sudden she could clearly see objects from afar, and she no longer needed to close one eye when she was driving. Not only that, but she reports that her eyes are all around stronger than before. “The feeling helps me be more confident,” she says.

Tuyen highly recommends that anyone with similar vision problems meet with Dr. Judy, and see how vision therapy can help them overcome their struggles.