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20/20 Eyesight Is Not Perfect Vision

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You might find it surprising to know that many kids and adults quietly suffer from debilitating vision problems. These conditions often elude the best efforts of specialists in routine eye exams, simply because suffering patients can read the 20/20 line. Although frequently manageable in the short term, the conditions can prove quietly exhausting and discouraging in the long-term.

Patients may see words blur, double, or move on the page when reading if they have ineffective eye-teaming skills. They may suffer from headaches, fatigue, or strained eyes after prolonged screen time if they have a focusing disorder.  Some patients read slowly, lose their place, or take hours to do 20 minutes of homework because they have poor oculomotor control and can’t move their eyes properly.

Vision therapy addresses these visual dysfunctions, and can dramatically improve a person’s ability to read, learn and play sports effectively. It can help those who have wandering, crossed, or lazy eyes to non-surgically align their eyes and improve function and depth perception. Vision therapy also aids those who have suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury that may have harmfully impacted their vision.

Vizen Optometric Center is dedicated to aiding those experiencing these binocular vision problems. Although we provide traditional optometry services, patients are referred back to their primary optometrist for glasses prescriptions and continued eye care during and after therapy. If any of the patients you serve are struggling with any of these issues, Vizen Optometric Center is now taking referrals and would be delighted to help!