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Gained Control of My Eye Movements

I have more control over my eye movements...and not let it control me. I wish I would have learned about vision therapy 10 years ago when I started experiencing my symptoms.

- JL

I Have Regained My Confidence

...I have regained that confidence to succeed not only in academics, but also gain the confidence in my work and social interactions.

- MW

My Double Vision Has Significantly Decreased

...with Vision Therapy even when my eyes are tired the double vision has significantly decreased.

- XB

Vision Therapy Helped With My Headaches

Vision therapy has helped me so much in I can go the entire day without headaches.

- KW

The Best Care Provider


As parents to a child that was recently diagnosed with amblyopia on both eyes, we were devastated and was on a mission to find the best care provider to treat his condition. We went through a total of 4 consultations with different providers and was not satisfied with the treatment plans that were laid out until we met Dr. Cao.

- Robert T. - Yelp Review 2020

Gained Confidence and Courage to go Back to School


I have gained my confidence and the courage to go back to grad school after my leave of absence! Love her so much, thank you Dr. Cao! I feel so blessed!

- Mabel W. - Yelp Review 2020

Dr. Cao is amazing and so is her staff.


I told her my last exam was more than 3 years ago so she gave me a really thorough exam. She explained every step and details of what she was doing. She made me feel calm and relaxed. Her staff explained our insurance to us and told us what to take advantage of. There is a wide selection of glasses to choose from. Looking forward to future eye exams!

- Cindy T. - Google Review 2019

Dr. Cao is simply the best!!


I brought my 2.5 yr old son in to get his first eye exam and am so glad I chose this place! Not only was she very thorough explaining exactly what she was looking for during the exam, Dr. Cao was able to keep my son engaged in all the activities. It is every parent's worst nightmare when their kids are sitting in the chair having a breakdown, but he willingly participated, laughing, smiling, and feeling so comfortable! I love that she has so much patience. You can tell she is very passionate treating kids. Thank you so much Dr. Cao, for making my son’s first eye exam experience, a really great one! I'll be sure to come back for my own eye exam! 🙂

- Stephanie V. - Google Review 2019



我是在yelp找到Vizen, 离我家近,评论也很好,我想大家都说好的地方再差也差不了哪儿去吧。然后预约好之后就去了,结果真的出乎意料,诊所很干净舒服,Judy Cao医生很耐心,讲话特别温柔,整个检查很轻松愉快,相比有些民气在外的华人诊所,这里更让人觉得舒服,价格更亲民,然后JUDY医生根据我的需求帮我配了隐形眼镜和框架眼镜,这次视力检查体验很棒,我会每年回来,强烈推荐这家诊所和Judy医生!

- Linghui Z. - Google Review 2019

Dr. Judy cao is so patient and sweet.


The staff were also friendly and helpful . I picked up a few sun glasses, lenses and contact lenses . They also helped me adjust my glasses and were so patient with whatever I needed help with . I love that they have a wide selection of frames here to choose from. Overall I had a great experience here. Will be going here now for my eye exam and glasses .

- Cathy L. - Google Review 2019

Overall I had a great experience at Vizen! Thank you all!


This is my first time getting my eyes check, I was a little nervous at first because I didn't know what to expect, but the whole exam was so smooth and comfortable. Dr. Judy Cao is so nice and calming, she explained and let me know everything that she is doing so there's no surprises. At the end of my exam , I picked up an awesome pair of Gucci glasses that fits me perfectly! Vizen office is beautiful and clean! All equipments are new, and there's many different selections of brand name frames you can choose from. The office staffs are so nice and welcoming. Overall I had a great experience at Vizen! Thank you all!

- Janis H. - Google Review 2019