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Help Your Dry Eyes!

Using eye drops daily and still not helping with your dry eyes? 🤨

This is likely because the underlying problem is not fully treated. 😳Many times blocked oil glands along your eyelids can cause feelings of dry eyes, scratchiness, redness, itchiness and many more.

✨Our patient is undergoing her second Dry Eye Spa therapy treatment and says “My eyes are already feeling less dry…I can’t wait to go back to work today with my eyes feeling more comfortable.”✨

Contact us to see if dry eye therapy treatment is a fit for you!


Get Rid of Your Styes!

Think of a pimple at the base of your eye lash.👀 This is called a stye or hordeolum. A stye is a build up of bacteria that blocks oil glands along your eyelid causing your lid to swell excessively. 😳Sometimes it can even induce redness, irritation and secretions without the correct use of clean hygiene. 🤧

✨Here are some ways to prevent a stye from happening to your eye! ✨

wash your eyes before bed and when you wake up with gentle eye cleanser or baby shampoo

Remove your makeup thoroughly before bedtime

Make sure to wash your hands before touching your eyes

Did you know? 👉🏻 Dry Eye Therapy also helps to minimize chances of having a stye?!

Ask us if this treatment is right for you with a consultation at our San Gabriel eye clinic today!



Zap away your WRINKLES

Suffering from DRY EYES👀 or unwanted WRINKLES? 👵🏻🧓🏻Look no further!😳

Our eye clinic in San Gabriel Valley is offering breakthrough treatments for dry eyes that also include life changing skin tightening procedures! ✨Treatments are prompt, painless and non-invasive. There is no downtime, just results!

👉🏻Treats chronic dry eyes.

👉🏻Erases under eye bags.

👉🏻Lifts drooping eyelids.

👉🏻Reduces wrinkles.

Book an appt online or call/text us today: 626-999-3177

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What Happens at your Spa Treatment!

Here’s what to expect at your Dry Eye Spa!✨

➡️Neutral pad gently placed on your back

➡️Warm gel placed along your eyelids

➡️Dry Eye Spa Treatment begins

If you are experiencing dryness, redness or any burning sensation, this treatment provides a safe and non-invasive way to help decrease dry eyes by minimizing the blockage of oil tear glands along your eyelids. 🤩

Are you interested in scheduling your first DRY EYE TREATMENT with our eye doctor in San Gabriel Valley?👀🥼

Call/text us or book an appt online today!

📱626-999-3177  💻

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DIY dry eyes treatment

Here’s a fun project that you can do at home!

🍚🧦DIY- “Rice in Sock Method” for Dry Eye warm compresses


🤎Simply fill up your sock with rice grain

🤎Tie the end of the sock {like you would a balloon}

🤎Simply heat the sock in the microwave for approx. 45 – 50 seconds

🤎Place on your eyes for about 10 minutes to help minimize dry eye relief

👉🏻TIP: avoid using a warm towel. It gets cold too fast❄️and is not effective on warming up the blocked oil glands on your eyelid, therefore dry eyes can still persist!😳

💔Tired of not having time to do warm compresses or your eyes still feeling dry? Ask us if our Dry Eye Therapy treatment is best for you!👀

Schedule an appt online or call/text us today:📞626-999-3177


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How can VT Help you?

“What is Vision therapy🧠👁and HOW can it help me exactly?

Vision therapy is often referred to as “physical therapy but for the eyes and brain.” 🏃🏻‍♂️💨

It is an individualized treatment program that consists of a series of eye activities that are prescribed by a Developmental Optometrist😎 These eye exercises help to retrain the visual system to function more efficiently through neuroplasticity. 📚✏️🎓

Find out if vision therapy is right for you😇🥸

Schedule an appointment for an evaluation/consultation today.626-999-3177

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Child Examinations!

✨YES! YES! YES!✨Here is why:👉🏻In some circumstances your child may be seeing blurry at school but may not be aware of it because they have not been exposed to clear vision.

👉🏻Helps to ensure your eyes are healthy and provide early intervention if any concerns are found. ‼️For example, ocular allergies are easily treated before symptoms worsens!

👉🏻We thoroughly evaluate your child’s visual skills to ensure academic success. ‼️For example, poor eye tracking skills can cause skipping words when reading.

Schedule your exam today! 626-999-3177

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Child Exams

Dry Eyes and Screen Time

Increased screen time during the last couple of years definitely tripled since 2012. ‼️This commonly causes Dry Eye Syndrome (DES). Experts believe that this ocular surface disease (OSD) has been around for decades but now it is being seen in even younger patients. 👩🏻👦🏻

Solution⭐️1) Take more breaks using the 20/20 rule. Every 20 mins look away for 20 secs or longer when on the computer, tablet and/or cell phone.

2) Blink more often. Blinking helps to secrete the natural tears over your eyes to keep it lubricated and feel less dry.


Book an appt online or call/text us today:626-999-3177 #dryeyes #dryeyetherapy #dryeyetreatment #ocularsurfacedisease

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