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Fun things parents can do to help with their child’s visual development 💡 

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☑️ Have your child play with building blocks to help with their fine motor skills and 👀-🖐🏻 coordination

☑️ Have your child track a ball with their eyes by rolling a ball back and forth ⚽️

☑️ Have story time with your child to stimulate their visualization skills which is important for learning and reading 📖

“Eye and vision problems in infants and children can cause developmental delays. It is important to detect any problems early to ensure babies have the opportunity to develop the visual abilities they need to grow and learn.”

At our San Gabriel Optometry clinic, your child’s vision and eye health is our priority. Our kid friendly eye doctor looks forward to meeting you and your family.


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Friendly reminder to use your FSA/HSA before the end of the year. You can use your flexible spending account towards an eye exam, glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, vision therapy or myopia control treatments such as OrthoK or MiSight. Our eye doctor and team look forward to seeing how we can help you see clearly entering the New Year!

Wishing you a joyous Holiday Season and a New Year filled with joy, good health and prosperity.

Our sincere thanks to our patients for trusting us with your vision care. We look forward to many more years to come. 😊🎊

Call/Text📱: 626-999-3177

It’s Not Always Dyslexia

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An astonishing 5 to 15% of people in the US struggle with dyslexia. Because of this high rate, you might not be surprised if your child or a child you work with receives this diagnosis. But sometimes that diagnosis deserves a second look.

According to our Developmental Optometrist, Dr. Judy Cao, “Having eye tracking problems and skipping words when reading is often a vision problem that mimics dyslexia. While vision therapy doesn’t solve dyslexia, it often can mitigate symptoms by treating the underlying visual problems.”

We enjoy collaborating with other health professionals such as psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, educational therapists, and many more to see how collectively as a team we can help you or your child. We are excited to meet you at our San Gabriel Optometry and have you be a part of our Vizen family.

Trying to Drive with One Eye – Tuyen’s Story

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6 months ago, Tuyen went to an eye clinic and received some unfortunate news. The doctor said she had crossed eyes, and it wasn’t safe for her to drive a car. She frequently had to close one eye so she could see objects from a distance, and she had noticed that her vision wasn’t always there when she needed it on the road. Her doctor recommended she enroll in vision therapy, and introduced her to Dr. Judy.

As someone who speaks English as a second language, Tuyen was a little nervous about going to vision therapy. But Dr. Judy quickly put her at ease. Tuyen says, “She is so kind, friendly, and professional. The first appointment happened perfectly. She answered all my questions, from the processing, cost, and my concerns about my case… During my therapy time, she always listens to my issues and finds solutions quickly. ”

After just two sessions, Tuyen’s eyes totally improved. All of the sudden she could clearly see objects from afar, and she no longer needed to close one eye when she was driving. Not only that, but she reports that her eyes are all around stronger than before. “The feeling helps me be more confident,” she says.

Tuyen highly recommends that anyone with similar vision problems meet with Dr. Judy, and see how vision therapy can help them overcome their struggles.

20/20 Eyesight Is Not Perfect Vision

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You might find it surprising to know that many kids and adults quietly suffer from debilitating vision problems. These conditions often elude the best efforts of specialists in routine eye exams, simply because suffering patients can read the 20/20 line. Although frequently manageable in the short term, the conditions can prove quietly exhausting and discouraging in the long-term.

Patients may see words blur, double, or move on the page when reading if they have ineffective eye-teaming skills. They may suffer from headaches, fatigue, or strained eyes after prolonged screen time if they have a focusing disorder. Some patients read slowly, lose their place, or take hours to do 20 minutes of homework because they have poor oculomotor control and can’t move their eyes properly.

Vision therapy addresses these visual dysfunctions, and can dramatically improve a person’s ability to read, learn and play sports effectively. It can help those who have wandering, crossed, or lazy eyes to non-surgically align their eyes and improve function and depth perception. Vision therapy also aids those who have suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury that may have harmfully impacted their vision.

Vizen Optometric Center is dedicated to aiding those experiencing these binocular vision problems. Although we provide traditional optometry services, patients are referred back to their primary optometrist for glasses prescriptions and continued eye care during and after therapy. If any of the patients you serve are struggling with any of these issues, Vizen Optometric Center is now taking referrals and would be delighted to help!

“It’s a perfect place to do vision therapy. I have problems with cross eyes. I am so happy with the result. Now I can see clearly when driving and reading.” -T.H. 💜

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Such a blessing to be to help and work with our wonderful patient improve her binocular vision and visual skills. Having crossed-eyes (strabismus) or a wandering eye can cause visual symptoms such as eye strain and double vision. We are so glad our patient is feeling better to return to work. 👀🧠

Special thanks to the knowledgeable and caring optometrist for referring this patient and trusting us with her care. 🙌🏼

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Is your child back-to-school ready? 📝👀


✅Pediatric EYE exam
✅School Supplies
✅Pediatric Wellness Exam

80% of LEARNING is through VISION! With the best vision and visual skills, this allows your child’s brain to fully focus on learning and development. 🧠🧑🏼‍🏫

Schedule your appointment today with our pediatric optometrist at our optometry clinic in your local san gabriel valley neighborhood and we are excited to see you and your family.


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HOORAY to NO more double vision! 🎉👀  

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Patients with an eye that turns in or out (aka crossed-eye, wandering eye, strabismus) may experience double vision and other visual symptoms. We are overjoyed our vision therapy patient is noticing so much improvement! 💜

Interested in seeing how we can help? Schedule an appointment with our Developmental Optometrist today. 🙂

Did you know you can do FUN eye games on our Virtual Reality system, Vivid Vision?  🎮

You can enjoy @seevividly at our clinic or even at the comfort of your own home!  🏠

Call/Text 626-999-3177 anytime and ask us about how Vivid Vision Home works.

VividVision is utilized to treat:

❤️Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)
❤️Eye turns (Strabismus, wandering eye)
❤️Binocular Vision Problems
❤️Visual Processing Problems
❤️Eye Tracking Problems
❤️And more…

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First eye exams should feel warm, inviting and best of all…FUN!

At 6-12 mos, your baby should be able to:

💗Move their eye muscles left to right
💗Focus their eyes like a camera to see clearly
💗Coordinate their eyes and hand to grab toys
💗Use both eyes together as a team

Our Pediatric Optometrist sees patients for their first eye exam as early as 6-12 months of age. Early detection and visual care is essential for a child’s development. We look forward to seeing you!

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